Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Nigel is *now* on the road to fame...

because my poem, The Fictionalization of Nigel -- which owes its existence to his love affair with Michi (but there I go again spreading such delectable lies ) -- will be forthcoming in the next issue of Wicked Alice. Quick response times, too!

   Submission date: 15 March 2006
   Reply date: 17 March 2006

I also received an acceptance from the new Garden of the Gods editor, Don Levin. Pfew!! This was like *ages* ago. I mean, along the lines of:

   Submission date: 29 April 2004
   Reply date: 17 March 2006

I've grown a beard, killed three plants and rejected a lot of molds in the fridge since then. But things seems to be moving up. The editor is still looking for poetry on the theme of myth: Gods, Goddesses, Fairies, Atlantis, Imaginary Places (not Michael Jackson's "Neverland" ), Mermaids and other things. More detailed guidelines can be found here -- he also mentioned to send work ASAP -- since he seems to be wrapping up everything. Very nice, professional manners. Spread the word.


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Congratulations, Arlene!! I'm glad to see Nigel is getting the recognition he so richly deserves.

And thanks for heads up. I happened to have an Aphrodite poem that I'd given up on finding a home for because of the strange subject - this anthology looks like a good place to give it one more shot.

Anonymous said...

ooooh! i'm gonna be in the wickedalice, too, i've just not announced it yet on my blog, so consider yours the premiere of "new work from..."

and yes, thanks for the word on the subs for the myth anthology. sounds delish. that is if i can rouse myself to get it out in time. *slothful*

michi said...

oh dear. nigel will be putting on airs. first the acceptance of my nigelism for eclectica and now this. sigh. whatever will come of this. *cmlhf perhaps?*

anyway, congrats - on the condition that you stop spreading lies about me and ethel. she has a moustache, for god's sake!!

oh and deadline for the anthology is 15 april, but the sooner the better. i was going to tell you about it today, but it seems i am a *little* late. *L*

m x

michi said...

ps: not cmlhf, but wygrenal.
even worse.

michi said...

me again.
two things i forgot:
a) DETESTABLE lies, you mean, dearest, DETESTABLE, not delectable.
b) beard? a beard? you are not masquerading as ethel, are you? *shocked*

Anonymous said...

Well, Arlene, here I am again, and you *know* what I'm here for... but of course, you deserve it... Congrats on the recent acceptances (and who wouldn't snatch an "Arlene Ang" poem quickly)...

Believe it or not, I've admired your work in various journals long before I *met* you (so to speak)... fine poetry indeed (I guess I owe Michi a bit of praise for this as well, seeing that she created Nigel)...

word verification: kcgcc... what in the world does that mean??

michi said...

ahhh nonono but nathan, nigel is a monster that created itself. i wouldn't want anything to do with him, er, it. no, him. ah whatever. and hey, if you don't know what kcgcc means, you need a sgyygmop! *LOL*