Thursday, April 13, 2006

Okay, it's now official...

I've become a Forklift, Ohio operator. They sent this ultra-kewl ID along with the funniest publication contract I've ever signed. They mentioned possibly offering lodgings to their operators. Yay! I'm calling Mum... and the rest of the family and my husband's family. Anyone else wants to transfer to Cincinnati?

Whatever became of A?

Hubby still doing poorly. No cure for orchitis apart from bed rest, I'm afraid. Am mostly puttering around in the kitchen or doing the grocery. Twice or thrice I bit my nails in the GP's waiting room.

Have -- wheeeeee!! -- finished revising 28 poems for the Bundles of Letters including A, V and Epsilon manuscript which I'm doing with Valerie Fox. She presently has three quirky poems from the book at sonaweb. Deadline is coming up fast and I'm fairly in a panic.

Have also *learnt* how to do a PDF file. I'm quite thrilled about this. With Valerie living in the US and me here -- it seemed the best way to set the book layout and fonts from my computer to hers... MS Word files create havoc with the pages especially from Mac to PC.

Am also putting together the *late* April issue of the Italian Niederngasse -- which features the breathtaking photography of Jill Burhans. Thanks to Sarah (again) for the link from her blog (and psssst, "Jesus' Son" is *outstanding*!!)

What else? There are tons of unanswered e-mails in my Inbox: more than half of these think I need Cialis or Viagra. Someone shot my muse in the hiney. She's gone, leaving a bloody hiney print on the scanner glass. No other sign of the hair brush. For two days, my door keys disappeared. The garbage in the kitchen gets more rowdy by the day. I'm learning a lot about painkillers.

Recent Publication:

A new revision of an old, endlessly rejected poem, Weather-wise is up in the current issue of Eclectica.

Teehee. If you scroll down, you'll see Michi doing funny things with Nigel.

Recent Acceptance:

HiNgE Online accepted five poems for their Spring 2006 issue (#38):

A is for Bermuda Triangle
There's a green tabby
Blood oranges
The Lucky-Charm Plant Murder Story

The last one is about my much-advertised relationship with the plantarium, of course.

   Submission date: 10 February 2006
   Reply date: 3 April 2006


michi said...

oh oh i am soooo glad to have a sign of life from you, arlene!! i *missed* you. was going to send email today, it was top of my priorities list. honest.

anyway - sorry to hear husband is still not recovered. :( he must be so fed up with being sick.

congrats on finishing the manuscript! yay! and the publication and the acceptance. i sent something to hinge too, have not heard back yet. somehow i don't think it'll be a yes.

thanks for mentioning me in this blog post, although i am not sure i agree with the "toy" thingy. tsk.

good to see you are still a little mad.

hugs and ALEBV!


Arlene said...

thanks, michi! hinge takes a bit of time to reply -- two months. but they like pretty crazy stuff!

teehee, have removed the toy thing. i wouldn't want people to think funny things about you.

yes, L is sick of being sick. poor baby. but today seems a tad better than yesterday. inflammation is scheduled to go down on easter -- two weeks for each side, we presume.


Anonymous said...

Well, Ms. Ang, it's very good to hear from you... of course, many congrats are in order for your recent pubs and other stuff... so congrats!!

I'm also sorry to hear of your hubby's condition and am hoping for a speedy recovery... and less stress for you... *thinking good thoughts*

SarahJane said...

poor guy. at least he's on the mend. congrats on your acceptances. none of us is surprised! love the forklift gimmick. very good spirited.
best to you & lucio -

michi said...

arlene - i did not *mind* the toy thingy, it was quirky and fun, i was just kidding, really.

and hey if people knew about my *real* toys ... *LOL*