Friday, September 30, 2005

Yay! My Sims Nightlife has arrived!

I am happy as a clam again. My Sims 2 expansion pack arrived this morning. Am also enjoying my copy of Anne Carson's The Beauty of the Husband. The first poem is entitled very artistically:

I. I dedicate this book to John Keats (is it you who told me Keats was a doctor?) on grounds that a dedication has to be flawed if a book is to remain free and for his general surrender to beauty.

Hah! And it just gets better and better.

Have gone back to the poem-a-day challenge at Inside the Writer's Studio... but haven't yet got the energy to creep back to Blueline.

Dusting all my books now... and getting dustier by the minute. I refuse to take a shower afterwards on the grounds that I'll never get any cleaner now, conscience-wise.


michi said...

found this when i googled anne carson just now:

Arlene said...

oh drat. in my next life, i'm making it a point to be born canadian, preferibly with teaching skills. eheh.

her poetry is terrific though! no doubts about *that*.

Rachel Mallino said...

Yay, we're glad you're back!