Thursday, September 08, 2005

First issue of Tilt and birthday stuff

Rachel's new 'zine, Tilt is up!! With poems from John Sweet, Jayne Pupek, Lisa Prince, John Vick, Jude Goodwin and yours truly.

Spent a total of $80 in gift cheques at Amazon and B&N. Discovered only yesterday that my mom is *still* in the US. Hah! Sent the books to her address, together with my gift for her coming birthday: 2 Gallon Caramel Popcorn with Premium Mixed Nuts Tin. Teehee. Now there's absolutely no way she and my brother will fight for the last kernels.

One week into the two-poem-a-day challenges; three more to go through. And the Italian NG issue needs to be done, plus Chuck's website.

Bottom line on birthdays (mine): the cake in the fridge, half-eaten.


michi said...

can i come over for that leftover cake? present is on its way now, finally. :)

ta-da. m

Arlene said...

hehe, michi -- the cake is still in the fridge. i wouldn't advice eating it now though... it has begun to stink like a wet dog (the fresh fruit topping).

yay, a present! i forward to opening it up :)

heartfelt thanks for the lovely e-card!


Christopher T. George said...

Hi Arlene

Happy birthday, Arlene. Nice blog and nice website too. They are both cool.