Sunday, September 18, 2005

Waking up unbelievably early...

on a Sunday because I need to do my p-a-d. It's a miracle!! Yay!

Went to bed late too. Around 3 a.m. because I wanted to graduate my five Sims from college. They've got the most hilarious courses, like Cognitive Dissonance: Recognizing How Broken Your Brain Is for Psychology majors, Life Drawing: An Excuse to See Naked People for Art majors, The History of Ancient Drama: When Every Play Ended with Death for Drama majors, etc.

Have been asked by the Blueline admin, HA to blog around in his board. After two head shakes, I finally agreed. Now people are wondering what I'm doing there. Like with my writing, I honestly have no idea.

All I want to do is watch someone's Queen Merp

kiss this Simmish Frog Prince

babysit their green babies and get it over with (whatever *it* is). Sigh.

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