Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And on the 3rd day...

... after her birthday, A had a bit too much wine in the country and fell off the 30:30 wagon. A crawled out of her hangover and has gone back to square one (Round 9). A has sworn to anyone who would listen that she is never going to touch another drop of liquor. Ever again.

That said, A is pleased to finally announce that Issue 2 of Press 1 is now up and running — with works by FJ Bergmann, CL Bledsoe, Benjamin Buchholz, Leonard Gontarek, Janna Layton, Dennis Moritz, Andrew Mossin, Mark Sutz, John Vick and Ann Walters. All photography in this issue is courtesy of Jill Burhans.

Recent acceptances:

Convergence accepted my poem, Laguna Palace, Mestre for their Fall/Winter issue. This is a neat little 'zine that started out in 2003 — discovered it while jumping from link to link and had a great time going through their archives. Fairly quick response times, too. It sure helped light up my cake!

     Submission date: 5 September 2007
     Reply date: 7 September 2007

Cahoots Magazine accepted an oldish and previously published poem, After the Affair for an upcoming issue. Their response time (see below) is rather long. However, they seem to be moving towards getting out of print and going solely on-line — which might lessen the waiting period.

     Submission date: 21 February 2007
     Reply date: 8 September 2007

UR-VOX sent one of best form acceptances I've ever received:
Thank you for your submission. Although we can't comment on each manuscript, we can at least spare you the platitudes (your writing is impressive) and salesmanship (have you seen the magazine?) of the condescendi. So.

Please don't be shocked. We accept your work entitled: air : lift, body : water and Divergences of the Sixth Sense to be published in URxVOX #5 in 2008....
Isn't that wonderfully cheeky? I had to blink three times (quite shocked, of course) before I believed it and did some witchy jumps of joy in the kitchen.

     Submission mailed: 2 April 2007
     Reply received: 9 September 2007

Mimesis, another print journal, accepted four poems, A Driving Student Enters the Roundabout, Battery Park City, Locusts and Cordon Bleu for their 3rd issue. Yay! I'm doubly thrilled because this is such a gorgeous-looking journal.

Contrary to UR-VOX, they seem to accept submissions only via e-mail. Quick-ish response times, too!

     Submission date: 25 August 2007
     Reply date: 11 September 2007

6th Pushcart Prize nomination:

Just received word from the editor of Radiant Turnstile that he has submitted my poem, Mrs. D's Last Letter to Her Son (July 2007 issue) to the Pushcart Committee. WOWZA. I'm so honored... I feel I should hide behind the sofa until chased out by the dust bunnies and spiders.


Ivy said...

Star! I bow down before your luminous eminence... :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the acceptances -- especially the one from that fantastic Mimesis mag *ahem*.

Interesting you say we're US-based -- I don't know where we're based, to be honest! Two staff in the UK (incl. myself) and two in the US. The journal is aimed at being a really international affair, so I suppose our confusingly ethereal geographical roots are a good thing.

Arlene said...

thanks, ivy! i think i'm more like stark — as in stark raving mad :-)

oops, sorry about that, james! have removed US-based. i was under the impression that you were in the US. where i'm now, everyone who isn't from around here is from OVER THERE. **grin**


Collin Kelley said...

You should get an award for most acceptances by pubs! You are piling up credits left and right.