Monday, October 23, 2006

I'm running late—but what else is new?

A thousand apologies to everyone who's still waiting an e-mail from me and also to those who've lost all hope about receiving a reply. The plumber was scheduled to check our hot-water system this afternoon, so I've had to clean the house these past few days. Needless to say I cried weee weeee weeee all the way through the dirt and grime.

TPM update:

The 36th issue of The Pedestal Magazine is now up — with fabulous poetry by Joseph Bradshaw, MTC Cronin, Ruth Daigon, S. Jason Fraley, Carol Frith, Liz Gallagher, Timothy Green, Stan Marcus, Roger Scott, Paul Sohar, James Tipton, Moez Surani, Ann Walters, Kelley Jean White, and Caroline Wilson.

I should know, of course, because I selected it myself. **preening**

Hope you enjoy the issue — I had a great (though rather nerve-wracking) time selecting the poems. John and I were quite pleased with how things turned out and there've been talk about guest-editing again for the June 2007 issue.

Okay, since there've been talk about bribes. I am accepting only (1) a chic apartment in Paris [complete with French maid] and/or (2) various body parts [with tattoo]. Put keys [with apron] and/or loose limb(s) in an unmarked box, take a taxi to the next town north of your birthplace, find the cemetery with the most winter burials, tap on the tree nearest the exit, genuflect, eat the ants around the exposed roots and leave the box to the caretaker (codename: Ethel). Your poetry submission will be answered personally by the voices in my head.

Recent publication:

What can I say? Here's the definition for couch grass: A Eurasian grass (Agropyron repens) that has whitish-yellow root stocks and has become a troublesome weed in the New World. Also called quack grass, witch grass... also known among fellow bloggers as arlene (misspellings: angela, anne, ellen, (h)arlem, arelene, airline, etc.)

42opus recently published two of my poems: It Could've Been a Centerfold (15.10.2006) and A setting sun (12.10.2006) in their Vol 6 No 3 issue.

Recent acceptance:

Clean Sheets, an erotic online magazine, accepted two poems for a future issue: Juice and Bathroom. Lah-dee-dah!

     Submission date: 9 September 2006
     Reply date: 20 October 2006

30:30 update:

There's a report poetry forest fire raging in 30:30! I've caught the deadly virus myself, especially since it's a good way to go through a bad muse day —

18. i. footprints (reportage)[working title]
19. body language
20. A Love Poem from the Carcass of an Abandoned Ford
21. reportage (ii. bucket) [re-worked title]
22. love: a reportage (iii. juxtapose) [re-re-worked title]
23. love: a reportage (parts iv-vi)

Currently reading:

Making Love by Marius Brill... and find that, considering my age, I have to take it slow. It's simply one belly laugh after another. And the endless puns just tickle me silly. Who else would suggest reading this if not the madwoman who lives in the musty shoebox?


Cheryl said...

hey, a-

Congrats on the pubs! And I'm working my way through the Pedestal now, and am loving the work in it. Great job!


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Arlene, the Pedestal issue looks great!! I'm honored to be included with so many very fine poets. And (do I really need to say it?) congratulations on the acceptances/publications!!!

michi said...


are you suggesting, implying, trying to say that i have had about 9 bad muse days lately, just because i have been hooked on reports ever since i lost the bucket? and this after you have been drooling over them in public? tsk.

i might send some over to clean sheets actually.

and you know what? i took a nap earlier this evening, and when i woke up, i had the word "genuflect" in mind. no idea why. and then it shows up on your blog. we've been married too long.

congrats on TPM and all that. tee-hee. and i thought you had once sworn never to guest edit again! :)

and just for the record: my shoebox is NOT musty. if you don't stop spreading rumours about me, i'll never tell you about LOL-books again. ever. :p

and btw: the anthology (vienna) is on its way.


Anonymous said...

certainly you give james brown a run fo' his $ as i now crown you with the title
"Hardest Working Woman in Po Bizness"!
where *aren't* you these daze??

pedestal is fabu with your imprint alll over it. (and apprently all over the sheets again!)


sam of the ten thousand things said...

My best for the poems. That's great news.

Arlene said...

thanks, cheryl! hey, you missed some days at 30:30 again. hope everything's okay.

sharon, you *are* raaawkin' the pedestal. not sure if i mentioned loving that poem the first time i read it ages ago... in 30:30 ;)

mafia honey, i was only referring to myself when i talked about the report, not YOUYOUYOUYOU. hee. in case you haven't noticed, i have a problem with duration. i await the cummings of your vienna book with itchy hands.

hey, nicole! great to see you drop by... i've got to get my ass over your place, too. "hardest working woman" — god, i love that. mental, no doubt, will snicker over "hardest". tsk.

thanks, sam!