Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Autumn's in the air...

and my poems —all weedlike and carniverous— can be found in the flowerpots of the following magazines:

elimae (delighted to be sharing space with Cheryl and none other than MTC Cronin)

Mannequin Envy (with the irresistible Liz — who happens to have a poem coming up in TPM, too)

NOÖ Journal

A mass to everyone to passed by with their congratulations (and cheeky slurs) about my driver's license. I survived the Sunday supermarket junket with only a few horns blaring, but am running late as usual — what else do you expect from someone who drives 50 km/h max?

30:30 update:

Can't believe I'm more than halfway through... between the TPM deadline and the driving worries, these poems just made the numbers —

11. A Driving Instructor's First Flat Tire
12. A Driving Student Visualizes the Center of an Intersection
13. About Your Bucket
14. A Manic Car Driver Blows Her Nose
15. outside the pool, with a bucket
16. Black Ink on White #3
17. Icarus


k1tchenwitch said...

Good lord, you really ARE everywhere!! Loved (especially) "Swirling" ~ and belated congrats on the license!
(Hope you don't mind my stopping by.)

michi said...

yay! congrats to you, all-around!

keep doing it! (if i were nathan, i'd smirk now ... being me, i simply chuckle madly.)


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Hey, quit hogging all the lit mag space, will ya?!

Seriously, BIG congratulations on all your well-deserved successes, Arlene!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Keep doing it... that's great. What's someone gotta do to get into TPM, btw? Sell a body part? You know I'm into bribes... I'll do what it takes...

Congrats, on all your pubs, btw...

hvynkt, which in Magrabrielism, is heavy necking. Oooooooh.

michi said...

re -->
I'll do what it takes...
you'll do nothing of the sort, mcclain.
armeline is mine!

on the other hand, we might need somebody to clean the windows ... *ponder ponder*

and you spelled my name wrong! for practice, please write MAGABRIELISM a thousand times. all over your sheets.

scxrk, ie sex rocks!


Anonymous said...

No, I think I had it right the first time:


Now that's my kind of poetry...

Oh, and please let me watch. Please?

Anonymous said...

dearest areliamae: am your supplicant for not responding sooner. was fearful any wishes of straight shifts and roundabouts would jinx your written and automotive moments. you must know i was channeling dionne warwick's most powerful psycho connections of wishin&hopin&prayin and well, it paid off. i can now only conclude i am solely responsible for your driving success as i transcended time&space to give you the best driver-fu. welcomes are welcome when you come around.

shall i deign to say more on the congratulatory order? no needs. you are the supreme ruleress of all things lit-mag.
(and your little dog, too!)

nicolina of the northern carolinas