Monday, June 19, 2006

Today's magical child...

... is Sharon Hurlbut's Kate:

Currently reading and re-reading:

Reading The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy. Not really enjoying it as much as I would have had it been in English. I read bits of the original text at Amazon and the translation rather sucks. But maybe it's just my Italian.

Re-reading Black Comedy, a play by Peter Shaffer for laughs. Like a side dish. It's a riot on paper and probably quite a treat to see on stage. Here's a short synopsis at the back of the book:
In this play the usual conditions of light and dark are reversed: when the lights are 'on' we see nothing but darkness; when they are 'off' we see the characters behaving as if they were in a black-out. Carol and Brindsley, an engaged couple, have invited a millionaire to see Brindsley's sculpture, and to impress him have 'borrowed' antiques from a neighbour [my aside: in the neighbor's absence]. Carol's formidable father is also expected. The lights fuse, and the arrival of several unexpected visitors effectively wrecks the evening.


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Arlene, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics you did for me! The girls are crazy about them, too. Now if you'd just come back to 30:30, all would be right in the world (it's dead as a door nail in there right now!).

Send me your address and then watch for something orange in the mail!

michi said...

oh you MUST read it in english, the god of small things, for the beauty of her words, for the wordplay! it's a wonderful book.

and tee-hee at the kate pic! too cute!

m x

Rachel Mallino said...

OMG, Arlene, I LOVE what you did with the pic!!!! Too cute.

How might one mother get one for her daughter?!

Arlene said...

wheee! my addy is in your mail, sharon. i should go back to 30:30, shouldn't i? thinking, re-thinking about it.

michi, you're right. i'll probably get the book in english when i come back in july.

rachel!! just e-mail me the picture -- you can also send directly from your camera (i.e. without reducing the size) -- this way the dpi remains unaltered and you can have them developed/enlarged afterwards. they look good printed, too!


Rachel Mallino said...

yay, yay, yay!!!!!