Thursday, June 22, 2006

4th driving lesson outcome—

I stank. Period. Boooohooooo!!

Made all the same mistakes I made the last time. Maybe worse. The driving instructor was particularly chatty and I had a hard time keeping my mind on the foot pedals, gears, etc. while trying to understand what he was saying, like why I shouldn't cross an intersection the way I just did or something theoretically complicated like that.

On the other hand, I was booed Assassina! only three (3) times. He did call me lazzarona when I mistook the gas pedal (again!) for the brake and accelerated while turning a corner. Not sure what it means, except that it's a word I always hear my in-laws tell the pooch when the pooch does a BIG foul-smelling no-no in the house.

5th lesson tomorrow. This time on taking traffic circles and doing nerve-wracking footwork on a slope. Help!

Back to 30:30:

Not sure if I'll get past this third round, but I rather missed writing. Going through a sestina mania now. I also need to prepare a sub for POM2. By the way, if anyone out there has intentions on subbing, the subject header has to be: "juice" -- or your submission might end up in their trash. I don't see this word on my browser, but it's written in my copy of the journal -- which I received some days ago. Neat poetry!

Round three (III) poems:

1. And she said television
2. "Manic car driving is not a door stop" —Gale Nelson

Recent acceptance:

As if to show that I shouldn't really be allowed to drive, I've just been welcomed with open arms to the Mad Hatters' Review. They'll be showcasing six poems in their 6th issue. Yay!

• This umbrella handle is J
• A Room of My Own
• Dr. Lecter on His Couch
• Undressing As Rehder
• Birth
• The Author in the Third Person

     Submission date: 2 June 2006
     Reply date: 21 June 2006

Today's featured creatures:

Michi and Angela in those wonderful pre-Nigel Bayesian days. Poor Angie, she was a slow grower. Michi, of course, pretended to wait patiently, but she already had her eyes set on someone with strawberry-blond toupee in the horizon.


michi said...

it's okay to suck at driving (unless you actually kill somebody) as long as your writing is successful. congrats on the MHR acceptance!! aha, another 30/30 round. i have been thinking about doing one, but i sleep so little at the moment, that's doing my head in, making me braindead, highly uncreative. blah. even the poem title generator is at a loss when it comes to suggesting a title for me.

ah well, trying to *wake up* so i won't talk nonsense to my english students.


Sharon Hurlbut said...

Ooh, I love your 'little Michi' pics!! Soooo adorable.

I'm glad you've come back to 30:30. I'm almost through this round and it feels odd, like I've been sleepwalking (or writing), because I've had so little time to spend on my poems that I just zip most of them off in a few minutes and post them before I get distracted and forget. I feel strangely unfocused and focused at the same time.

And CONGRATULATIONS on the Mad Hatters' Review acceptance!! They *ahem* sort of asked me (nicely) to please not enter their Wicked Alice contest for a bit since I won twice in a row. I think they're afraid people would think it was fixed or something. So maybe I'll have to go for straight submissions next time they're reading. I can't wait to see your work there!

Arlene said...

mulchie, thank you for the encouragement. you're such a sweetiepoo. (learning flighty debutante talk from the peter shaffer play)

hope you get more sleep... and get back to 30:30 before i fall off the wagon again. i'm sleeping less, too lately -- told L that i must be feeling my age.

sharon: thanks! delighted you like the pics. and hey, a wicked alice contest?!! if you've already written your poems, wicked alice has got a call for subs for their "alice" issue (deadline: august 15). should be fun!