Monday, May 29, 2006

What I never wanted to learn about myself I learned from online quizzes

Okay, I'm about to get very, very depressed. For weeks I've studied the mechanics of weirdness, I've practiced being weird, I've communed with weird poets... I even mailed some goods to Michi hoping to bribe her royal weirdness to come over my place. Then, out of curiosity, I took the weirdness test again and my personal weirdity actually plunged down to only 50% (as opposed to being 60% previously). Waaaaaaah!!!

Normal enough to know that you're weird...
But too damn weird to do anything about it!
You Are 50% Weird

Someone tell me I'm not the only one.

Then I tried the quirkness test which gave me only --

You're a pretty quirky person, but you're just normal enough to hide it.
Congratulations - you've fooled other people into thinking you're just like them!
Quirk Factor: 56%

Apart from this I also turned out to be --

Comfortable and soft, more people like you than let on.
But it's very difficult for you to show yourself in public.
Ugly Underwear!

On the other hand, I scored fairly well in the scariness test -- Nate must've been right about the stalking.

You even scare scary people sometimes!
You Are Scary


lorguru said...

Oh, how funny. You definitly must score high on the "funny" test. Anyway, I'm off to try some of these. I'm a little bit scared to take the weird test. I'm afraid I'll do really well!

michi said...

arlene - somebody is amnipulating these tests. 50%? that's less than the average school kid! tsk. mxryy! m :)))

Pris said...

Oh my:-) I don't think I'll take the underwear test, but now you have me curious. I've GOT to take the weirdness test. If I take it I'll post my results here.:-) (maybe lol)

And thanks for your comment on my blog poem. Meant a lot.

Pris said...

***You Are 30% Weird***

Not enough to scare other people...
But sometimes you scare yourself.

Waaah...I'm disappointed. I thought I was a LOT weirder than that. Must've been that question about icecream that killed my score:-)

Arlene said...

haha! let us know how you score, lauren :D

and pris!! i *love* you!! teehee, it's nice to know i'm not as weirdless as i thought. hey, i picked vanilla, too. it's the sleeping in the nude that sends you 10% up or down.

michi sleeps in the nude hence her high score. she admitted it in public. teehee. had to cross that out ever since the husband got sick -- and hasn't let me warm my footsies on his paunch. but maybe i shouldn't admit *these* things in public. hee.


Rachel Mallino said...

LMAO re: ugly underwear, I didn't picture you to be that kinda gal, Arlene. I'm so taking that test.

SarahJane said...

love those undies!
i'm a christmas sweater.
that's ok with me.

Carl Bryant said...

I'm also a sweater. I love sweaters. And I'm only 70% weird. I think they have trouble with percentages.

Sharon Hurlbut said...

You know, all those skulls and bones don't bother me a bit (I am a physical anthropologist, after all), but those underpants scare the crap out of me!

And don't worry, I think you're plenty weird, Arlene ; )

Arlene said...

hey, 70% is admirable!! carl gets the 2nd place, right after michi, in the gnu-bell prize for weirdness.

i still refuse to believe that i'm the only ugly underwear around here -- weird or not. tsk.

teehee, thanks sharon!! the other half of my reply is at your blog ;)