Saturday, May 06, 2006

Husband and poetry update

Yay! Husband is now back from the hospital.
Being still under observation, he has to prick his fingers six times a day to check the glucose level before and after insulin injection. We're all hoping it's temporary diabetes -- due to stress, infection, antibiotics and prolonged excrutiating p-a-i-n. Crossing my fingers on that.

Spent the whole week going to and from the hospital... just checked my mail twice before crawling to bed. Hope to catch up with my e-mail soon!

In the meantime, a mass smiley hug to everyone who's offered good vibes and hugs --

Recent Acceptances:

Half-Drunk Muse accepted my poem, I'm caught deep in the dye of her for their upcoming issue. Watch the response time below and grow your seasonal veggies appropriately... teehee:

   Submission date: 28 December 2005
   Reply date: 4 May 2006

A UK-based print magazine, The Frogmore Papers accepted two poems: Hangover and Chocolate Pudding for their September issue (#68):

   Date mailed: 3 April 2006
   Date received: 4 May 2006
Double yay! Or as Spock would have it:


SarahJane said...

Hi Arlene-
so sorry husband was carted off to hospital again. if it's temp diabetes that'd be great. at the same time, I know a couple people who found out they had diabetes and after the "why me" phase, learned to live with it. I do hope, in any case, husband will be better. and husband will be good!

congrats on your acceptances. half drunk is a nice one.

michi said...

hey ms a.! so goooooood to have some news! glad that husband is back and hope things are going to work out fine.

great news re the acceptances. i sent sth to half-drunk muse once, their response time was shorter, but a no. *S*

i know i still need to send you my revised or non-revised version of the collab piece, but i figured you had other things to do anyway.

headache day here, so not out partying, sent husband out on his own.

watching "grosse pointe blank", which is always great. and not just because of john cusack. *G*

m x

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Congrats on the acceptances, Arlene, and an even bigger HOORAY that your hubby is back home! Take care of him, and yourself.

Arlene said...

thanks, sarah! husband mending well; the insulin injections (4x a day) are rather burdensome, but things are settling down. he says it makes him ravenous. nice excuse to eat. hee.

hey micheal. got your e-mail today and you've been labeled spam again. teehee. you've topped the spam test again -- 6.8 points, 5.0 required. your BODY was indicated "Bayesian spam probability is 99 to 100%." RONF!!

try again with half-drunk though. i got a no response before this as well.

yesssss! thanks, sharon!! let's hope he and i stay home for good this time. hee.

hugs all,