Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Survived Day 11 in 30:30

And not sure if I'll get past the 15. Went to driving class yesterday evening and my mind's been a whirligig of road signs and road stripes ever since.

Have managed to crank out 4 more poems... am going from scrap to crap and might eventually be falling apart to rap, ap and p (which means parking the brain on some blue zone until someone tows it away).

The latest poems are:

   (from An Encyclopedic Guide to Counteracting Bad Luck)

9. And Why Shouldn't I Cry Over Seinfeld?
10. Crust
11. Translating Ethel

John Vick enjoyed yesterday's -erm- ticklish poem so much that he's offered a fabulous recording -- his voice is seeeemply magnificent: Translating Ethel
Hee. I think I'll have to thank Michi and Nathan, too for this one -- since they got me thinking about Wuthering Heights.
Thank you, my dears!! [in a Gumbie Cat/Jennyanydots voice]

Recent Rejection:

Received my 4th or 5th rejection from Tarpaulin Sky:

   Submission date: 28 January 2006
   Reply date: 19 May 2006
   Thoughts: O well. Back to the drafting board.

Yesterday I mailed submissions to Acumen, Stand and Carousel. Let's see what comes out of that.


michi said...

i have a secret to tell - *whisperwhisperwhisper*

i wrote an ethel poem! yay!

i'm braindead. taught ten hours today, only got home at ten.

sorry about the rejection, keep writing; write poems about every roadsign you see, that should get you to poem 127, easy.

m x

lorguru said...

Well congrats on passing day 11! I tried twice recently and couldn't make it past day 3! BTW, michi highly recommends your book. Can you send me a link or some other way to order it? Thanks,-laur

Arlene said...

teehee... an ethel poem, michi?? i want it!! in my mailbox. NOW.

and double teeheee!! lia has written a nigel-michi poem herself -- in her book, it's nigel who doesn't love you. you gave him gloves with idiot string, you see.

thanks, lauren! i've e-mailed you with all the sordid details ;)


Anonymous said...

How could any zine reject your fantangulous work??? Keep shooting, you'll sink their battleship...

Did I tell you I looooooooovvvved your Seinfeld poems (can you tell I'm a big fan)...

Btw, you can call me Nate the bdlrr... 'cause I CAN FIX IT!!

michi said...

perhaps i can persuade ethelle *G* to let me publish her over on my blog.

big biiiiiiiiig UAIYEAOO for the package in my mailbox!! :)


Arlene said...

haha! nate -- you hit it dead-on: the submission process is like a game of battleships! god, that's a f**kin' brilliant simile, man.

hee. will have to write more seinfeld poems then. it's kinda hard since i've never seen an episode. but maybe i shouldn't admit these things in public. hee.

michi, stop thinking about ethel for a while and find lia a mate!! teehee. she's been laying a nice nigel-michi trap for you at 30:30. you can't let her get away all virginal.


Anonymous said...

Well, make sure you use the simile in a poem dedicated to me :P

word verification: eekpfuz
definition: the reaction of a mother as her son's puberty begins, i.e. eeeeek, peach fuzz!!!