Friday, April 21, 2006

Tryst, Wicked Alice and other news

Wheeee!! I'm in the current issues of Tryst (The Undoing of Lace) and Wicked Alice (The Fictionalization of Nigel).

Niederngasse Italian news:

Well, I've sat on it for months. And have finally decided to resign as editor. Sigh... and yay! I'm all bunny-ears happy with this decision.

What I'm Frying with Other People:

Have volunteered to help with Steve Schroeder's project to build a searchable, sortable Publication Database. More info can be found at his blog. Thanks to Nathan for spreading the word! Hope others jump in... it's fun or pleasantly masochistic (depending on how your analyst looks at it). Hee.

Recent Rejection:

The editor of Alba: A Journal of Short Poetry sent his personal condolences:

   Submission date: 18 January 2006
   Reply date: 18 April 2006
   Thoughts: Eeek. I suggested this site to tons of people as a beginner's market... hopefully, they've had more luck. Actually what I mean is -- hopefully no one will want my neck in case of rejection.


Anonymous said...

Arlene, congrats (which is the thing I say most to you) on the recent display of poems... I remember the "Nigel" one, both really great work!! I think I'm beginning to have a personal vendetta against any of these editors who tell you "no"... good thing I'm not a postman... I would apologize about your recent resignation from editing, but it appears from the emoticons that this is a good decision...

Thanks also for the plug to Steve's database project... it is fun, isn't it? Good to see you blogging more regularly, and hope hubby is doing well...

SarahJane said...

Hi Arlene,
I read your Nigel poem today (Karen M., who's also in the issue, pointed it out). I think you and Michi are pretty famous by now! Great poem.
we should have a tri-country poetry smash in munich or something. smile, sarah

Anonymous said...

such the incredible-nesses from your fingers, your pens.
really, i'd think your muses would *want* a break from such a wench-mistress- hehheh!

and honestly, i CANNOT for the life of me fathom someone rejecting you. dolts, them all...

and congrats on the balancing of your schedule with Ital.PN.
*that can only mean more time to blog, right?* hehheh!

you the rocking-est!

michi said...

yay for you - tryst-wise and wicked alice-wise. more about the NG decision in an email. pah at the editors who rejected you. pah. i suppose the reason is that you are over-qualified. too good for them. i've joined steve's project too but have not had time to do anything much yet, but will do on the weekend. good thing.

nigel rules. or so he thinks. i guess there will have to be a few poems about that.

sarah - yesyesyes! tri-country poetry smash sounds good. come to vienna, it's beautiful! :)


Arlene said...

Thanks everyone! I don't mind rejections. Really. Hee, as long as I don't get three in one day... which I got once or twice. Three is one week is good enough for me ;)

Hubby is now on the mend. It's a load off my mind. And now that he's bone-thin, I've become the stronger sex and literally *rule* the roost. Teeheee.

Tri-country poetry smash sounds fabulous. I talked with Chris George about meeting in London or something... but backed out. Autumn is such a long way off and I don't know if I have to be away at that time. Boo.

Nicole... yesssss, more time to blog! Wheeeeee!!


P.S. Pietro Loves Michi