Sunday, April 16, 2006

I've been tagged...

by Nathan into revealing 7 things about me. Anyone reading this... please consider yourself tagged as well. Hee. It's a trap.

7 things to do before I die

1. Cure migraine (mine)
2. Go back to writing poems
3. Read Joyce's Ulysses
4. Live in Paris or London, maybe both
5. Learn another foreign language
6. Do the headstand position
7. Have at least one good relationship with a living plant

7 things I cannot do

1. Keep the house clean
2. Go a day without laughing (yes! from Nathan)
3. Type 100 words per minute
4. Remember where I put my things
5. Throw away the trash before it decomposes
6. Stop freaking out at the sight of worms
7. Have a phone conversation with my family for less than 15 minutes

7 things I say often

1. Hee
2. Ah
3. Aw shucks
4. F**k (in three languages)
5. That whatchamacallit (in three languages)
6. What a riot
7. Ciao

7 books I love

1. Jesus' Son (Denis Johnson)
2. The Key (Junichiro Tanizaki)
3. Steal Away (C.D. Wright)
4. How Things Are on Thursday (Ros Barber)
5. Hannibal (Thomas Harris)
6. Descriptionary (Marc McCutcheon)
7. Phantom (Susan Kay)

7 Movies I can watch over & over again

1. All of Me
2. LĂ©olo
3. The Godfather I and II
4. A Fish Called Wanda
5. Meet the Parents
6. Four Weddings and a Funeral
7. The Addams Family


Joyce Ellen Davis said...

Ha! I got tagged a couple of months ago. Some fun, huh? Thinking of all those answers ... Mine came from my son (Knownunknowns) and I learned things from his answers to being tagged that I never knew!

SarahJane said...

jesus' son? i LOVE jesus' son!
think i will read it again.
like your lists - always interesting.
happy easter over there in popeville.

michi said...

like your list, arlene, sep the first two categories. from your latest post at my place, i take it you have not read mine, i posted it a while ago, but it's still on my current blog page. se you there again. and i understand about not doing the FOUR list as well. xm

Anonymous said...

Thanks for indulging us, Arlene... I enjoyed your lists (especially the *laughing* part - hahahaha!)... and when you find that cure for migraines, shoot it over to the US (we're full of 'em)...

michi said...

actually - nate nicked the *laughing* part from me! *LOL* but that's alright. i like the fact that we have something in common, and something good at that.

oh and yes, what nate said - cure for migraines most welcome here.

it's goooooooood to see you back in blogland. :)

znduohp, which means, i hope you stay, of course.