Thursday, April 12, 2007

Reading and reading

That's basically what A4 (like the paper) has been up to. Am catching up on TPM submissions and doing not much of anything else. I don't think I'll be sending out personalized replies this time around... apart from the inundation, it does seem more professional that way.

Also reading and re-reading this sudoku page about x-wings, swordfish, jellyfish and squirmbags. Waaaah. Can someone translate it to me in plain English?

One more thing about Reading. It's been eradicated from the face of the sim world. Booo. I didn't bother to save it prior to installing Seasons... based on the belief that seasons have nothing to do with my sims. I did get a warning, of course, which I ignored because of my faith. But I am Catholic. Hee. Which means I'm re-downloading custom objects, clothes and faces from every fan site I can find.

Recent acceptance:

Valerie and I were so thrilled when Defenestration extended an invitation for our story, Beyond the Voice to appear in their upcoming April 20th issue. It will mark our second publication as co-fiction writers. Wheeeee!

     Submission date: 7 February 2007
     Reply date: 9 April 2007

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