Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Miranda Lit, juked and the BlazeVOX experience [updated]

Haven't been doing any writing at all... but I can feel it, like PMS, coming any day now. For one, ever since I installed Sims 2 Seasons in the laptop, the game has been crashing every 5 minutes. Which is just as well. Should get out more. Should call home more. Should blog more. Should, should, should. Here's a mental picture of myself these days:

Recent publications:

• Have 4 poems up in the current issue of Miranda Literary Magazine — namely:

The 34th Secret Love Poem
it has nothing to do with apples
(for aunt knicknack)
"Be silent," answered the dervish. —Voltaire
Self-Portrait with Stolen Wristwatch

This is a really classy 'zine. The only catch (or not) is that they don't keep archives. They do request First Serial Rights/first publication credit. I read the fine print for the first time. Heh!

      Submission date: 27 February 2007
      Acceptance date: 14 April 2007

His Creepy Gorilla Suit is now up in juked! It's thrilled to be exchanging hairs with fellow bloggers, like Sarah's pitcher and Sharon's face full of gravel.

The BlazeVOX experience [updated from today]:

Well, it's quite a relief. They finally pulled my poems from the Spring 2007 issue. Though rather remiss of them not to pull out my name from the table of contents. But that's their problem. Hee.

Am really displeased with this 'zine. Just got an e-mail from the editor, who's equally displeased with me, saying he was going to pull out my poems as I requested yesterday and, I quote: "You gave me permission to publish some of your poems, and I agreed even after your cool surprise in our continuance."

DUH. After saying in his e-mail last March: "I'll remove your listing and thank you again for your submitting. Congrats on the other publications."

I took it that "remove your listing" has something to do with removing, not publishing.

Maybe it's just me. But I've been sending work to magazines for more than 10 years and this is the first time I've had a problem with an editor. What an eye-opening experience, to say the least.

If you're still interested, here are some things to know before submitting to BlazeVOX:

1. Don't do simultaneous subs with them because they'll simply ignore your e-mail when you write them to withdraw a poem.

2. Because it's biannual, they have a long response time, so be prepared to wait. Have no idea if they send rejection notes, now that I think of it. Don't send queries because they don't reply (as least didn't to me). Response time below:

      Submission date: 15 August 2007
      Acceptance date: 15 March 2007

3. My rant (and no, I haven't been drinking): They sent me an acceptance note stating that I may now view my work online and to check if everything is in order. I wrote back saying that, since 6 months had passed and I didn't get a reply to my query, I figured they had folded and am afraid I'll have to withdraw some of the poems since they're already under consideration elsewhere. The editor was very nice about it and told me he was going to remove my listing — which I took it meant he won't include me in the issue or at least include only the poem that was still available. I really breathed a sigh of relief there. Then, yesterday I get an e-mail stating that the Spring issue is now up and what do I see? ALL five poems.         


Mike Young said...

That's a bummer that you had a poor time with BlazeVOX. My experience with them was great. =/

But, hey, good to see you in Juked! =)

Anonymous said...

grazie mille airybelle:
i feel all *mmlzmcbq* that my darling has written an ode to my goat, gotten my nanny, sees that apples is not the only fruitz.

*bows graciously to have received the words from thy high muse, er, thy thigh-high, um, thy muse on high*

[swigs more vino]

Christine E. Hamm, Poet/Professor/Painter said...

Sounds like my experience with Exquisite Corpse, but they never pulled the poems or responded to my emails... This is not the first time BlazeVox has run into this sort of problem:http://www.blazevox.org/blog/

The Here Comes Everybody book is canceled.

Arlene said...

thanks for dropping by, mike! love your kick-ass poem in juked.

old nick, i'm delighted you like the goat burrito poem. and teehee, aren't you a little bit pickled? as in, half-shaved? nimptopsical? are you my mummy?

yikes, the suing part sounded rather drastic — they must've made some poets really angry, christine. it's the first time i come across something like that. i'm quite relieved not to be associated with blazevox.

that's sad about exquisite corpse. i've always been interested in submitting them, but they seem perennially closed to subs. after what you said, i'm having second thoughts!


SarahJane said...

Hi Arlene -
Love the Gorilla suit poem. Do I remember it from 30:30? I will travel over to Miranda to read the others - congrats on those.
sorry to hear about your experience with Blazevox. It's one thing to get confused (I recently blogged about editors accepting poems they's just rejected), but it's another not to admit a mistake or come clean.

best, sarah