Thursday, April 19, 2007

Only Connect anthology and The Strix Varia

Haven't started writing yet. Mainly because am convinced that I'm Gengivite Khan, ruler of the Moribondi Empire. One of the things I love about Civ 4 is the cheat commands. Teehee. And you just gotta love my beard.

Recent acceptance:

Cinnamon Press accepted three poems: Desert, For things she doesn't know and chopping board for the Only Connect Anthology edited by Gail Ashton and Jan Fortune-Wood. Really excited about this — I saw so many familiar names in the contents list.

      Submission date: 9 February 2007
      Acceptance date: 18 April 2007

A new poetry-reading magazine:

Just discovered The Strix Varia today. Was touched and honored when the editor wrote me saying that they're running a close-reading by Lia Lynch of my poem, The 23rd Secret Love Poem — the one that won the Frogmore Prize last year. Wowza.

Simply love the idea of publishing — instead of poetry — essays, close readings, reflections and reviews on the work of living, published poets. Have always wanted to do a line-by-line reading/interpretation of some favorite poems and I know some of you do that blog-wise — so check it out. Even authors themselves can send a "reflection" on a published work (preferably online for the linking to work).


Sharon Hurlbut said...

How very cool on having your poem chosen for a close reading - congratulations! And guess what?! My parents are giving me a new computer for my birthday, so I'll finally be able to run Civ 4.

Hey, how about coming back to 30/30? There's only 3 of us in there at the moment and it's kind of eerie. I may have to start commenting on my own poems soon. We could use a shot of Adreniline.

michi said...

hooooooray for you, annabelle! :)

hey, i'd like to get back into the writing habit, but i don't see myself doing a 30/30 at the moment, what with working 40 hours and other stuff going on ... how about a 10/10 for a start? there isn't anybody there, so we could misbehave all we like (until froggie shows up, that is, and tells on us ...)!

i'll bring your bunny slippers, too. and a pole. and a hose. if you are really good.


m x

SarahJane said...

I checked out the strix varia link and that is indeed very cool. What a wonderful idea ....

I started 10:10 today all alone folks. Need to roil the juice somehow. Any joiners?