Sunday, February 19, 2006

Rejections come in threes

Hah. And they really do -- inspired by the precision of Jude's blog, thought I'd offer more detailed information on the places I've submitted.

Recent Rejections:

Thieves Jargon

   Submission date: 30 January 2006
   Reply date: 17 February 2006

   Editorial Comments: I think you have some good stuff in there, but our submissions are really high right now, and I don't think I'm going to be able to find the room to fit any of them into an upcoming issue. I'd like to hope that wouldn't discourage you from hitting us up again at some point in the future...

   But I'd Say: It's still worth a try though. Maybe it's just the editor's nice way of saying no, which could be a yes to others.


   Submission date: 18 January 2006
   Reply date: 18 February 2006

   Editorial Comments: Thanks for trying us with these. It was a tough call on some of these but we'll pass on this batch. Try us again sometime.

   And I'd Say: Yes, yes. This is one kewl 'zine!

10th Muse

   Submission date: 17 February 2006
   Reply date: 18 February 2006

   Editorial Comments: I have read them and have decided not to use them in the magazine. Sorry to disappoint...

   But I'd Say: I'd still give this print journal another try... because with a response time this fast it's worth it!

What I've been up to (apart from writing):

• Mailed poems to jubilat, Conduit, Backwards City Review and Georgetown Review. This is something of a record for me to be sending stuff by post to print journals, but I've recently inherited tons of unwanted foreign stamps from my dad's collection and licking these on my SASEs gives me a ticklish pleasure. Hee. Well, the truth is since we've gotten a laser printer, I'm looking for any excuse to use it -- hearing the zing-zing noises it makes sort of pulls me into a chirpy disposition for the rest of the week. It's subliminal, I think.

• Have added a weatherpixie to my blog. Teehee. And am spending part of my computer time checking out the girlie to see if she's taken off her coat -- because she does! And when it rains she carries the cutest umbrella. I say it's the coolest thing since... uh, the invention of shower curtains.

• On Friday, I fried the computer's hard disk. When my husband came home, virally infected and flu-ish, and pushed the "on" button it emitted a plink that said: I'd rather die in peace now, please. My good man has managed to revive it during the weekend and warned me to puh-lease close all programs first before turning it off... and threatened to cut off my fingers if I start plinking all sorts of keys every time it goes into deep thought while exiting from the Sims game.

• Have also updated the Leonard Gontarek site.

Plantarium update:

Have noticed a second leaf growing (1 centimeter) at the base of the first leaf. Yay! Otherwise...

   Major leaves (2) growth: 0 millimeters.
   Color: greenish brown.
   Prognosis: not good, but not bad either.


Anonymous said...

I've started submitting after years of editing. It's an interesting experience. I like hearing from editors, but find that most just don't have time to send real editorial comments.

I like hearing about your acceptances better than your rejections. :D

Arlene said...

hee. same for me, fey. but blog readers sort of like the info i add about 'zines... and these three are very nice markets that are worth a try -- expecially given their quick turnaround time.

left something in your kewl-kewl blog. ;)

SarahJane said...

hi arlene -

good luck with your subs. i usually pick up an issue of jubilat whenever i get over to the states and i love much of it, quite dislike a lot of it, and admit to understanding only some of it.

michi said...

great, adding all that info. perhaps i will be a good girl too, some day, and do the same over at my place.

sorry about the "no thanks" mails, perhaps i should send you a "yes please" note. :)


Arlene said...

thanks, sarah! i'm not really hoping much about those subs -- just wanted to say that this year i tried and i've got the rejection slips to prove it. **grin**

teehee, but michi -- didn't i tell you my secret in pidgin about how to send submissions without using a spreadsheet?


Anonymous said...

I've only just begun publishing, so the process is indeed exciting. Good luck with the batches you've sent out. Any journal would be graced to include work of your quality...