Wednesday, February 08, 2006

I'm terribly pleased to announce...

that Poems Niederngasse's erotic supplement is now online:

The issue features poetry -- which I swear (with undies back guarantee) will make your extremeties sweat for the rest of the day. On board, we've got Bambi Barker, Greg Braquet, Patrick Carrington, Sabine DeLuca, Richard Fein, Valerie Fox, Michaela A. Gabriel, Leonard Gontarek, Maryann Hazen Stearns, Quentin B. Huff, Craig Kirchner, Miriam N. Kotzin, Josef Lesser, K.L. Monahan, Jessy Randall, Amber Sawyer, Francis D. Smith, S. Thomas Summers, Karen Suriano, F. Richard Thomas, Jennifer VanBuren and John Vick.

Plus, an interview with Sean Farragher by Elizabeth P. Glixman and an essay by J.T.Best on Robert Frost's After Apple Picking as a chauvinist lust poem.

Recent publications received:

Mudsong and blue crow by Michael Spring: these are two beautiful poetry collections which I've had the honor of being signed by the author. Love the breathtaking and polished imagery -- which is why he won the 2004 Robert Graves Award (Imago Poetry/UK) in the first place.

A Generation Defining Itself: In Our Own Words (volume 6). Finally!! On one hand, it's a . On the other hand, it's a because the customs people made me pay 5.50 euros to receive it. Grunt. Can't wait to read it though... noticed a lot of prize-winning/-nominated works in this anthology.

How Things Are On Thursday by Ros Barber: Yay! I ordered this months ago through, but after three weeks of waiting for it, they sort of crossed it off as "unavailable". Duh. I've been wanting to write a review of this exquisite collection, and the author was kind enough to send me a copy.

Recent acceptance:

Carousel accepted my poem, Conceptual for their issue 19.

Very long response times -- this batch was submitted on 28 July 2005. But they did send an immediate acknowledgement that they've received it. Nice, professional manners... though I wish they could be more communicative. But paying markets are often like that, I'm afraid.

Site updates:

• Mine: 2006 publication credits

• Valerie Fox: our collaborative poems (after months of revisions and editing)

Personal News:

• Plantarium growth: 0 millimeters.
   Color: green.
   Prognosis: not good.

• Recent obsession: interviewing myself and the questions & answers re-arranged alphabetically afterwards, as in --

   Non-refillables: would you care to comment on that?
   Naturally. I didn't mean to smell of mildew while waiting (unhappily) for the bus.

   Off the record, weren't you repatriated for falsifying REM?
   Oh, you mean eavesdropping? It's a pre-ordained setup in my preferences.

   Please explain in less than twenty words your stand on world peace.
   Poor Simonello. He never saw the trebuchet.

• Which sort of led to the discussion on whether I am taking -- or not taking -- any medication.


Anonymous said...

the supplement is dee-vine, dee-lish. i especially like the kirschner poem-- he nails it, pun intended, every time.

congrats on all the good pubs! good to read you back in blogville.

michi said...

yay for the hot hot hot supplement! just the right thing in cold wintertime. :)

congrats on the pubs, thanks for the book tips, and keep on interviewing yourself, perhaps you could include the question "what drugs are you normally on?" into one of the interviews. ;)

sunny smiles, m x

Arlene said...

thanks for the congrats, ladies!! and delighted you enjoyed the supplement. **grin**

michi, drugs? you mean, dregs, i think. teehee.