Thursday, May 08, 2008

New issues of The Pedestal Magazine and Press 1

Am clapping-my-hands-happy to announce that the 21 April 2008 issue of The Pedestal Magazine is finally up.

It's quite late, I know — we've had to struggle to get it out because the site was hacked, declared DOA, resurrected... and on the third day, as in Jesus H. Kerist, was dead again. Am relieved to say that the current reincarnation of TPM is looking as blue-violet as ever and not the least bit zombified.

The new issue features fabulous work by Elizabeth Bruno, Anne Agnes Colwell, Michelle Kyoko Crowson, William Doreski, Stewart Florsheim, Matthew Gavin Frank, James Grabill, Sarah Law, James Midgley, Tayve Neese, Gailmarie Pahmeier, David A. Pitcher, Frances Ruiz, Hannah Silva, and Joshua Michael Stewart.

Secondly, the May 2008 issue of Press 1 is also up — featuring the fantastic photography of Metin Demiralay, with exciting poetry by L. Ward Abel, CL Bledsoe, Barry Denny, John Grey, Sarah Kolbasowski, David Mills, Susan Smith Nash, Maurice Oliver, Tom Savage, Melissa Shook, and Davide Trame.

With my mental grasp of arithmetic, I think that after putting together two issues I'm supposed to celebrate with two bottles of wine and drink both simultaneously from my pint-size beer glass until it (the glass) appears to double before my eyes. Hee.

Recent publications:

• A poem, Laguna Palace, Mestre is up in the Winter 2008 issue of Convergence. Was thrilled to see that Davide has a got a poem in this issue, too. Yay!

• Another poem, Time with Frieda is up in the 3rd issue of 34th Parallel, plus two photos of (ewwww!) A (though am rather fond of this one, photography-wise).

Recent acceptance:

Iodine Poetry Journal, an NC-based print journal, accepted my (hehe) lascivious Petrarchan sonnet, Artichoke for their Fall/Winter 2008/2009 issue. All this iodine reminds me of that time my sis passed out in the bathroom and woke up with an apple-sized bruise (sans skin) on her knee — a sure warning against over-imbibing... but after two bottles — of wine, of iodine — who's keeping tabs?

Anyway, overseas writers may send submissions via e-mail — which is always a treat. They have really good response times, too. Very nice professional manners.

     Submission sent: 18 March 2008
     Reply date: 30 April 2008

Talking of Petrarchan sonnets

This little bunny lasted five days in 30:30 while attempting to write 24 Petrarchan sonnets based on Chopin's Preludes. After the 5th sonnet, the whole idea began to reek of serial murder... and I just had to re-install Civ 4 in my laptop so that I could go on a killing rampage. Ooooh, bliss.


Tommaso Gervasutti said...

Dear Arlene, congratulations for Iodine Poetry Journal, years ago a poem of mine or two, I'm not sure, appeared there.
What I am sure of is that one poem was "After The Fireworks" which was about the morning after The Redentore fireworks, fireworks which I detest for the heart-resounding bangs one is compulsorily forced, at least, living in my area to listen to until one o'clock a.m.. So, the contrasting quiet of the next early morning produced the poem.

I am reading Press 1. It's a great journal.
All the best, Davide

Anonymous said...


In reference to 30 in 30 : the whole enterprise began to reek of serial murder

That's hilarious.Oh my, I've been there ...

Loved Laguna Palace, Mestre - the red roof of the mouth and the question 'which whale is this' - very nice

Enjoyed my visit


Liz said...

Hey Arlene, you have been busy and showing results for all that tucked-away busy-ness : ) a wrap-around hug for all your successes!

Re: scampering off out of 30:30 - I see you've climbed back in again -would love to join you but lots of sucky-non-poetic-life things are getting in the way but maybe will go for it before your time is up there!