Friday, January 12, 2007

Other Voices and ultimate driving update

Blah. I'm running so late! Apologies to everyone whose blog I haven't yet visited and/or e-mail I haven't yet answered. Photography lessons restarted this week and I had remedial yoga class... plus: student questions to answer (they're actually studying my stuff — what's the world coming to?!! ), CSS layers to unravel for a couple of websites, submission deadlines to meet and bottles of wine to guzzle. Actually I can do that last one in-between everything and everywhere.

Driving update:

Since Carl expressed a rather unhealthy interest in my driving, I'm rather embarrassed to admit that I've stopped. I had an awful-driving day sometime before Christmas when I almost ran over two pedestrians in less than 20 minutes. I also nearly drove off a bridge (while shifting gears) — the husband grabbed the wheel and lengthened our life span. Since it was the holidays I thought I'd give everyone a break. I've had at least three recurring nightmares about driving slowly and dangerously since then... which haven't helped my driving inferiority complex.

Recent publication:

I have 6 poems up in the 23rd volume of The Other Voices International Project:

• I'm quite certain this isn't Beaujolais
• Something tells me I'm dying
• This is not the poem
• Autumnal
• White Window
• Tossed

30:30 update:

Hit Day 10 last night. This is worse than a tooth extraction program. Poems list to date —

1. A Portrait of God as Table Wine
2. A Shot, In the Woods and Fraught with Barking Dogs
3. Horizon And The Bodies We Wear [sonnenizio on a line from Jean Cassou]
4. The Car Thief, In Dying, Touches His Face
5. Rain and Window-Gazing [sonnenizio on a line from Jean Cassou]
6. Study of an Object at Rest
7. The Gorilla Suit Showed Up For Its Close-Up Today
8. Plate VII: Black Ink on White
9. Airborne [sonnenizio on a line from Ros Barber]
10. Please Meet My Table

Incidentally, poems 1, 2 and 4 were for Blue Fifth Review's Winter 2007 issue devoted to film. Thanks go to Sam for the invitation — and inspiration!


SarahJane said...

Hi Arlene -

hmmmm that IS pretty dangerous driving, dear. they usually hand out eyes for the sides of your head when you get a license. did you get those?

looking forward to reading your poems in Blue Fifth!

michi said...

congrats, wifey! :)

i don't think there is anything left to say re the driving, after what i told you on skype the other day, is there?

but i have been wondering whether you are not confusing reality with some game? maybe you were really only playing "pedestrian-killers on the loose, v.6.02" when you thought you were driving?


Anonymous said...

Hey Arlene,

Just had to pop in say I loved the now poems on "Other Voices," especially This is not the poem. It blew me away. Your endings...gah...they're enough to make me decide to quit writing poetry and become a driving instructor :)


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Arlene, on your achievements!

Liz said...

Arlene, a swell time was just had by moi reading your 'Other Voices' poems...congrats again on all the pubs.

Regarding driving - for ages I stuck to relatively quiet, familiar routes (even windy and blind corners are ok!)and drove alone at unsociable hours - please don't give up! just need a honeymoon spell of 'you and car' alone on the road : )