Sunday, December 10, 2006

Six Little Things and Envoi

Just wanted to send a to everyone who sent their condolences. Have pulled myself together and resumed Count Olaf's villainous laugh for personal purposes.

Recent acceptances:

• The Six Little Things editor has accepted my poem, tiny, tiny foreign objects for the —ta-dah!— tiny tiny objects issue due online on 21 December. Really thrilled by this because I've never considered myself a prose poem writer and it's a gorgeous 'zine — I went through the archives like forest fire.

      Submission date: 9 November 2006
      Reply date: 5 December 2006

• Just discovered the other day that Envoi has changed hands and is now under Cinnamon Press. This is a great UK-based print journal and what's even greater is that they are now accepting e-mail submissions! That alone made me sip some wine before dinner. Hic.

The editor, Jan Fortune-Wood — who happens to be the Coffee House Poetry editor, too — said really nice things about my poems a year ago... so on a hunch I sent her some stuff last night and she replied in less than 24 hours that my poems:

— Georgia O'Keeffe on My Lips
— Sonnenizio on a Line from Vernon Scannell
— Surviving Grandfather
— Stargazing and Rhinestones

will be in Issue 147. WOW! I've been so blown away that I had to hang on to —erm— the bottle for support. Giggle glad rags and geese.

      Submission date: 9 December 2006
      Reply date: 10 December 2006

30:30 update:

Still hanging in there. Just dangling. Perhaps even sagging, bankrupt-wise.

Poems list to date —

1. A Photography Student Interrupts a Mosquito
2. In the Garden [sonnenizio on a line from Sarah Law]
3. How Did Her Garden Grow
4. Eve
5. Georgia O'Keeffe on My Lips
6. Open House [sonnenizio on a line from Sarah Law]
7. In Memoriam [sonnenizio on a line from Jarman]
8. Cordon Bleu
9. Superman Was a White-Collar Worker
10. And God Said Let There Be Economy Class Passengers—


Collin Kelley said...

Sorry to read about Ginger. Such sweet eyes.

You continue to be the publication goddess. I shall jump off a clip chanting your name...


Sandy said...

How do you think of those titles for your poems? They are insane but in a good

Thanks for the congrats on my chapbook. I have yet to figure out the marketing thing either but I get the feeling that poetry just isn't very popular unless you're well known. Plus the fact there are thousands of poets out there, so we have quite a lot of competition. I checked out your book and plan on buying a copy as soon as I get more funds in Paypal. It's an evil thing, makes my fingers itch to buy and keep buying.

Thanks also for your comments about my dog. She is sorely missed every day.

Congrats on your recent acceptance. I don't know how you do it.

SarahJane said...

hey arlene -
you're going great in 30:30. today's was very very funny.
congrats on the acceptances!

michi said...

yes! congrats on six little thing - though you only have two. tee-hee. sorry about anselma and marianne being rejected. :( they could do with a bit of ... erm ... stroking. ego-stroking. yes.

and yay re envoi! and thanks again for the tip! it's cooooool to be between the sheets with you, again.

loved that plane poem you posted the other day. funny. :)

rock on!