Sunday, December 03, 2006

Poems in flashquake

The Winter 2006-2007 issue of flashquake is now up — with poetry by Lisa M. Bradley, Peg Duthie, Tomika Fisher (editor's pick), Ily Goldfinger (editor's pick), Meridith Gresher, Jaime Voss, Mary E. Whitsell and someone better known for stealing buckets and adopting villainous laughter instead of children.
Two poems here: Why Do I Show My Body? and Pianoforte

Have discovered that the whole issue #68 of The Frogmore Papers has been made available online. Really thrilled by this because — well, print magazines do have their limitations. Lots of poetry (mine included, with someone else's typo on my title) but more importantly, Matthew Shoard's ticklish flash, Lindsay Shits can now be savored wholly and not as an excerpt.

Crummiest beginner's shot ever:


michi said...

hooray for you! and they pay, too, don't they? i still have the cheque - it is actually rather expensive to cash them in here.

but but but what i really want to say is: who did you have breakfast with? who is this eve? how come you never make toast for me? oh the crunchiness of toast, and you go and share it with another woman? i hope she chokes on a crumb. tsk.

(lovely pic. when you finally come to vienna *HINT HIIIINNNNTTT* we can go and take pics together.)

khjui, you know.


Sandy said...

Congrats on the new acceptances, Arlene. You're just tearing up the lit zine world. Pretty soon you'll be in every single one like Corey Mesler seems to be. I thought I had left you another comment somewhere but I wanted to let you know that I am the editor of Flutter, a poetry ezine. Would love for you to consider submitting some of your work there. And thank you for the comment about my poem in the Tipton Poetry Journal, that's extremely flattering coming from you. Take care!!