Thursday, November 23, 2006

Poems in Blackmail Press

On kind invitation from the editor, I have seven poems in issue 17 of Blackmail Press. It's my first time in a New Zealand venue so I'm quite thrilled with this honor.

Also noticed that they published a tribute issue to Richard Zola, who passed away last year. First came across his poetry in 3rd Muse Journal way back in 2002 — love it so much that I translated some for the Niederngasse Italian. Here's a favorite poem from his website:

if you're watching you will know

a street at 4am
frost is phosphorous on trees
a broken bench
subways and suspended bridges
fading graffiti
offices empty of secretaries and complainants
a sloping car park
spaces marked in white
and an embroidered muslim hat
hanging from railings
all of this is open to the sky
and no hand soothes

Photography classes:

Sick of my despicably under-/over-exposed picture-taking abilities, I've decided to take some lessons (10) at the public uni. First one was last Tuesday night. Am planning to go shopping for an SLR camera over the weekend. Any suggestions for a beginner? I was looking at the Canon 350D yesterday when the husband sneaked up behind me and said, "Not that. Everyone I know says it sucks." Oh dear. What to get, what to get now?


About the Group said...

hearty congrats!!! see ya again soon.


michi said...

coooooooool noooooooooooows my dear, and good on ya for the photography classes. i look forward to your first series of photos of your second spouse. no nude pics though, please.

m x

Anonymous said...

Hey, Am-I-on-the-list-for-nude-photos, congrats on the poems, and the class... though I won't help you any with your whole blackmail obession... photos of your wife and I in... um... rather compromising positions...

And re: Missouri Review. There is a $3 charge if you would like to submit electronically (which I'd recommend, because you can send like 10 poems) and they respond in 30 business days. Exactly, in my case. Submit.

And your word verification suggests (oefrd) that I like my eggs over-easy, then fried... so get in the kitchen and make me a sandwich...