Friday, November 10, 2006

Juked and Tiptonned

I'm delighted to discover that I'm sharing space with Sarah in juked. Hiya, girl!

Am also with a couple of 30:30 regulars, namely Charyl (hah! they're beginning to get her name wrong, too) and Sharon (dressed up as Ann), in the latest issue of Tipton Poetry Journal. A Driving Instructor's First Water Bottle is actually my first driving instructor poem — based on my previous student life.

And now that I've brought the attention to driving....
I'm rather peachy pleased to announce that last Monday I broke my speed record of 45 kph! I've gone on to a daring 60 kph and not once felt queasy.

The goal is to reach at least 80 kph so I can use the freeway without being a public nuisance.

30:30 update:

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaack! Have gotten into the rhythm, too... I think. No longer banging my head on the keyboard or smashing my toes against table legs to get out the daily poem... not writing really well, but my mind's occupied with —er— other things. Like a 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle. Yummy. And listening, thanks to the Mat Hatter (a person who wears floor mats for a living), to Emily Haines's A Maid Needs a Maid... which I'm humming to myself as A Mate Needs a Mate or else A Maid Knits a Mate. With music, the possibilities are endless.

Poems list to date —

1. All Saints' Day (reverted to orig. title, Day of the Dead)
2. Celebrating the therapist
3. Sunday Morning Mass
4. structure: a study
5. Black Ink on White #5
6. Please Meet My Breasts
7. tiny, tiny foreign objects
8. Geography Lessons
9. I'm Not Supposed To Wear This Gorilla Costume

Thanks to Kevin Doran, I've discovered his blog — where he posts response times of hundreds of 'zines!!! Click here to view the looooooooong list. Thanks for the nod... and I'm nodding —well— more like kowtowing back. The list is impressive.


Ivy said...

Arlene, I'm in awe. How do you find all these wonderful zines? :) Congratulations on the publications!

Sharon Hurlbut said...

Congratulations, Arlene! I just got my copy of Tipton yesterday and it's so cool to see familiar names there. Don't forget Mr. Fraley, as well (p.2). And hey, I'll be joining the juked crowd in a few weeks - they just accepted one of my crazier poems from 30/30.

Being a metrically challenged American, I'm not quite sure how fast 80 kph is, but I'm eager to hear your report on freeway driving.

I can't commit to 30/30 right now, but my daughter and I are doing 10 poems in 10 days. You can read our poems (and join in yourself) in my cabin at ITWS.

Anonymous said...

More good words Arlene. Best to you.

michi said...

woo-hoo for you, arlington! :)

i think i need to make you another cd mix so you can go and, um, disfigure more lyrics. i do wonder what you'd do to
"don't get your *hopes* up",
"big *guns*",
"*reading* in bed"
"we both go down together", (go down where)
"i was meant for the stage" (probably about a pole dancer), or
"*we" looked like giants".

fnumkmm, and wickedly yours,


Rohit said...

Congrats on all the pubs, arlene!

I was wondering about 30-30; I had registered myself at ITWS but I need some kind of an activation before I can post; even to affirm by the guidelines! Where should I go now?

- Rohith

Arlene said...

thanks, ivy! i sort of go from link to link... like a stalker.

yay, congrats on the juked acceptance, sharon! i'll have to check out 10/10, too. that sounds like a great idea.

thanks, sam.

mixed cd, i'm all yours... i mean, ears. i'm all ears.

thanks for dropping by, rohit. i'll explain more at your blog about ITWS — i'm delighted you're jumping in. enjoyed your stuff while i was reading for TPM ;)


SarahJane said...

hi arlene -
thanks for pointing me towards the doran blog - that was interesting.

congrats on tipton, and thanks for tooting me on juked.

Rohit said...

cool makeover, arlene!

i'll wait for the moderator to activate my account; i've been breaking my head by trying to post in the guidelines section as a guest!