Sunday, September 10, 2006

The £210 cheque...

from the Frogmore editor arrived yesterday morning. Wheeee!!

Another great reason to drain dry some more wine bottles for the next couple of weeks or so. Hee.

As if to add extra celebration to the aging process, my mom actually called yesterday to greet me. Apart from mispronouncing my name since birth, she is now spreading the rumor that my birthday is on the 9th, not the 7th. Ahem.

Okay, so I may have missed that flight to Zurich and twice I locked myself out of the house keyless and mobile-phoneless... but these are normal things that occur naturally to normal people. Compared to the rest of the clan, I'm a serious, levelheaded and totally dependable person.

Recent acceptance:

Will have two poems: Lemony Squeezation and The Twentieth Secret Love Poem in Velvet Avalanche, a print anthology of sensual poetry edited by Donna Hill and Jeremy Hoemsen. It is slated to go to print by the end of September. Such a thrill. Yay!

     Submission date: 16 March 2006
     Reply date: 9 September 2006

30:30 update:

Am beginning to believe that I can actually finish this third round! Only ten more days to go.

Poems to date —

14. The Anon. Manuscript Writer Gets to Page 24
15. Lost-and-Found Article #2403WRD
16. The doorways have eyes
17. Mask
18. Still Life with Le Journal
19. Observances of a Domestic Nature
20. What did you learn from the dead? —Gina Franco

Between the 30:30 challenge, the Pedestal subs reading, the social drinking and re-installing my Sims... I have a hard time staying awake in bed at night with the laptop acting as a hot water bottle on my paunch.

Found this picture of my darling pooch lying around. She breathes new life into the expression "dog-tired". Since I haven't had time to shave my eyebrows, we've begun to look scarily alike.


Cheryl said...

Congrats on the check(!!!) and yet another acceptance.

Get some rest, and I never bother with my eyebrows. Perhaps I should...

michi said...

210 pounds? what on earth are they paying you for?

jeez. i need to come over and see you and get seriously (or, taking into account that it is US i am talking about, gigglishy, stupidly, nonsensically) drunk with you.

congrats on the poetry news.

staying awake in bed at night, however, seems to be something i do better than you. and i am not even trying.

m x

Arlene said...

thanks, cheryl. i'm actually taking a 10-day vacation after the 30:30 is over. yay!

mumpsy, it's the contest loot, darling! i mean, nothing —erm— illegal. naughty you.

hmmm. you might not like me when i'm drunk. i can laugh myself silly over your eyebrows. and the double piercing on your two noses.

can't sleep? get a laptop. it warms the paunch better than a man. never snores, too. teehee.


Anonymous said...

WHOOP, there it is!
what a lovely reward (ransom?) my dear.

no one like the family (and dogs) to help us along in our march toward the twilight years (zone!), huh...

the anthology sounds delish!

sam of the ten thousand things said...

Great news about your poetry and and payment from the press. Quite a day. Best to you Arlene.

Liz said...

Wow Arlene, just catching up...who says there is no money in poetry? :o) Fantastic news on all fronts.

Belated burrday wishes too.

Have taken a peep into 30:30...lots of poets in action there...I much enjoyed your 'parrot' piece...wish I could join but there are too many in there just now...will gear myself up for a later date. :)