Thursday, September 07, 2006

13th driving lesson, new laptop & 42opus

Blah. Had my 13th driving lesson yesterday evening with the cheeky instructor. Sadly, it confirmed my suspicions: that the other instructor was using the double controls while I drove. No wonder I looked good. Waaaaaah!!

Because of the dark, I had a hard time seeing, too. The instructor ended up invoking the highest deity: OH GOD. So, it's back to square one, I guess.

Birthday present:

Wheeeeee! I'm now the owner of a new laptop — was supposed to get it next year before going back to Manila, but the husband insisted for the birthday. I suspect it's a ploy to keep me and my ever-growing Sims population away from his new computer. Because of my annoying —erm— knack for catching viruses and worms over the internet, I wanted to go for the MacBook initially. But the 13.3-inch ouch-my-myopic-eyes screen (as opposed to the 15.4" of the laptop) dissuaded me. Plus, the delish idea of playing with my Sims in bed (now doesn't that sound inflatable-doll kinky) is a dream. I mean, if I die, they can bury me directly in that position. Hee.

Recent acceptance:

42opus accepted two poems for a future: A setting sun and It could have been a centerfold.

     Submission date: 8 May 2006
     Reply date: 4 September 2006

Okay, so I'm another year older:

A little fish (with the initials N.C.D.) sent me an e-greeting that addressed me as "arelene" — as if to prove that, with age, I've become a plural form of my own name. Tsk.

Well, off to get jolly drunk!


Anonymous said...

perhaps this only proves *my* decrepitude. in other words: what you've got to look forward to!

happies & such on the new laptoy & the acceptance & the march toward elder-ism.

michi said...

good thing that my addressing you as "arnelle nag" escaped your myopic eyes. *phew*

congrats re acceptances, reminds me i need to send out more. and write. poetry. not just blog entries that is.

happy b-day again. re ageing: i am sure you'll do it with dignity. *roflmao*


Anonymous said...


Happy birthday!

And you have my envy with 42opus.

Jason F.

Collin Kelley said...

Happy Birthday and congrats on the new laptop and acceptance. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, A, and congrats on your recent acceptances (what else is new?)...

I hope you have a fantastic time, and that don't drink and drive (as I'm not sure you've mastered the "driving" part just yet, ha!)

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and ewwwwwwwwww...

re: your viruses...

SarahJane said...

you're not getting older. you're gettiner leaner.
happy B!

Cheryl said...

Happy birthday! Hope you had a good time, and congrats on 42opus!

Arlene said...

thanks everyone!!

nate, i'm not sure whether i ought to run over you or laugh like crazy. hmmmm.

thanks for dropping by, jason. i'm sure you won't have any problems getting in 42opus — i've come across your poems in 'zines and i think they'd love you.

sarah, or maybe more arlinear. heh.


lorguru said...

Cool about the new laptop! Funny about the Sims in bed!
Happy B-day, again.