Wednesday, August 30, 2006

TPM submissions streaming in

Yikes. Managed to taper off the subs from 112 to 30+ last night. This morning, seven hours later, it's back to 71. Have never handled these many submissions in the whole time I guest edited for Niederngasse. It's quite exciting though. The open slots for poetry are only 12-15. It's only the third day of TPM's reading period and I've already got all slots filled. I'll be in for some very tough choices.

30:30 update:

Pfew! Have survived for more than a week now. Not writing terribly inspired stuff, but am just thankful that I'm writing again. Can hardly expect more after a two-month hiatus.

     Poems to date —

     1. On Going to the Cinema and Breaking into the Ticket Booth
     2. Rorschach Card #1: Black Ink on White
     3. A Driving Student Goes Round the Traffic Circle
     4. And I Was, In Those Days, Sober
     5. A Driving Instructor's First Water Bottle
     6. Black Ink on White #2
     7. A Driving Student Takes a Blind Corner
     8. The Night Richard's Swivel Chair Broke

Hee. Quite a lot of driving poems... which, of course, leads to —

10th and 11th driving lessons results:

Have been doing it with the old git's son. Yay! I like how he explains things to me slowly and calmly, like a voice-over recording. Sort of understand better the mechanics of taking corners... now if only I can get my poor limbs to act out what I know I must do, I could start driving seriously. It's a sad fact, of course, that I've got the reflexes of a sloth.

He actually said I wasn't as badly off as I said I was. The sadist has scheduled me to take the practical exam end of September. Gaaaaak!

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