Friday, August 25, 2006

A short note to those who sent me their work for TPM

Please don't send it to me personally via e-mail. First, because the hunting season... I mean, the reading period is —erm— still closed. Second, because I don't know how to upload it to The Pedestal database, and have no intention of doing it for anyone — unless you are Bukowski (first name: Charles) and you're too dead to do it yourself. Third, because my Spam Assassin kills off half the e-mail content of people not included in my address book so any submission to that address is trashed directly from the server.

So... please submit to the submissions page. And —erm— read the guidelines first here. I can access poetry only from the website, not in my mailbox. It's how the system works.

That said, I actually finished reading the few stuff left over from the last reading period of The Pedestal yesterday. I really love their submission system. I even cleaned up after myself as I was instructed to do.

9th driving lesson results:
No earth-shattering improvements.

Re-learned how to park behind another car. It wasn't as bad as I feared and even inspired me to do something osé. At the end of the lesson, the instructor told me to park anywhere I want in the three spaces he pointed out to me. I parked — well, zzzzipped was more like it, into the one beside another car just to see if I could do it. I even braked in time — just in front of a granny with a baby stroller. Hah! The fella muttered: Lazzarona. You really had to choose this one, huh? And you almost got that granny, too. Assassina!

However, when I stepped out, I just had to admire my parking. I was perfectly inside the white lines! Incredible, but true. Wheeeeee!

My 10th lesson is scheduled Monday morning. With another instructor — who happens to be the son of the scary old git. He said he wanted to see how I'm doing. Seemed nice and calm. But then so was his dad before he saw me drive.

Magnetic poetry:

Discovered this neat poetry enabler at The Poetry Library... for poets who are stuck on writer's block. Nate, old pal, if you're reading this, this one's for you.


Anonymous said...

Hello, my name is Nate. Hello. My name is Nate. My name is Nate. Hello. My name is.

I'm trying to figure out the best way to introduce myself at the WB (Writer's Block)meetings.

Thanks for the link, A. It's sweet of you. And it looks fun!

Arlene said...

hahaha! i think you should go: my name is nate and i'm a blocked writer. maybe even: my name is nate and i haven't touched a pen in (state here) days.

hope you get something out of the magnetic poetry thingee.