Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Today officially marks the the end....

of the PNG Erotic Supplement reading period. My halo stayed lit until 2 a.m. ... and all submissions have been replied to; anyone who submitted and didn't receive any should forsake all hope to getting one since I never got them in the first place. Don't you hate it when *that* happens?

Recent acceptance / publication:

Star*Line (Science Fiction Poetry Association newsletter) sent one of the fastest replies (within one day!) I've received from an editor. Two poems, A Glimpse of Sirens has been scheduled for the Nov/Dec issue and The cat with nine lives for the Sept/Oct issue. YAY!

• Issue 5 of Ghoti (Winter 2005) went on line yesterday. Toot-toot!!
Have three poems here: This closing book, Something Like Blood and a freshly butchered version of one list poem, To that Disquieting Presence in the Bathroom Mirror.

Publications received:

4AM Poetry Review (v.1 2005): this first issue (originally scheduled for last August) of the print magazine is sure worth the wait! Contains terrific poetry by Juan Carlos Vargas, Preston H. Hood III, Barbara Fletcher, Sarah Blackman, Sean Howard, matt robinson, Susan H. Case, Mark Decarteret, Farley Walker, Gerry McFarland, Carine Topal, Rebecca Loudon, Doug Bolling, lyn lifshin, Suzanne Roberts, Alex Stolis, Judson Simmons, Davide Trame, Anthony Robinson, Michael Meyerhofer, Kimberley Fu, Simon Perchik, Andrew Demcak, Kelly Madigan Erlandson, M. Arroser, Leonore Wilson and that person who shall-not-be-named. Hee.

Jessy Randall's latest chapbook, Because Mona is in the Psychiatric Hospital (Pudding House Publications, 2005). I've always been a fan of her Mona poems -- even translated one for the Italian NG a year or two ago -- so this is such a treat!

Plantarium news (not good):
Plant not growing. The small leafy protuberance is as is. A plant is not a poem. A plant cannot be edited. I shouldn't have poked at it with chopsticks. I know I shouldn't have. I know. I know. But some of the seeds were growing down instead of up and I couldn't resist.


SarahJane said...

Hi Arlene -
I'm a big Jessy fan, too! Have you read her poems at Coconut? I wrote about one on my blog.
I'm going to go check out Ghoti for your poems now.

michi said...

congrats you! i am glad you are still alive, and have come up for air from doing all the, er, kinky stuff or whatever. will check out your pubs asap. :)

Arlene said...

hee, thanks!

kinky stuff, michi? with chopsticks? i recently asked someone if i could play with his naked angel -- adding between parenthesis -- a promise not to use handcuffs. teehee, "angel" was in .jpg and with "play" i meant if i could use some photoshop effects.

as resolution 5.7, i've sworn off volunteering to guest edit any erotic issues in the future.

5.7.1. i will not snicker all the time.

5.7.2. i will not make lewd innuendos to complete strangers (men walking their dogs included)

5.7.3. i will not tamper with the reproduction organs of plants

did i miss anything? ;)

michi said...

*LMAO* yeah right. you want to know what i think of resolutions? if you have made any, they need to be broken. and that's my polite way of saying this. :))) and i certainly hope you will break yours, but i don't think i need to worry about that. ;) m