Monday, January 09, 2006

Today, my plantarium

Due to my incredibly boring disposition, I just have to post this picture of my growing plant (Christmas present from a niece-in-law who digs my boring disposition like a spade) and my favorite mug (which eloquently mirrors my morning face). Hee.
Do you see the teeny-weeny leaf? Do you see it? Do you, do you?

Publications received of late:

Red Booth Review (fall 2k5): these print issues are always such a pleasure to read. The 2005 anthology contains poetry by Raymond Cavanaugh, Barbara Archer, Barry Ballard, Martin Willits, Dan Schillinger, Joel Van Noord, Alex Stolis, Amy Pence, Sid Miller, Jason Kelly Richards, Mariel Boyarsky, Jude Roy, Ann White, Caitlyn C. Bergeron, John 'Chet' Hicks, CL Bledsoe, Annie England, Maurice Oliver and -- ahem -- yours truly. I'm particularly blown away about Martin Willits' poem, How To Impale A Watermelon With A Playing Card. Made me want to light up afterwards for some reason. Hee. **currently accepting submissions, so check it out!**

'eye' (issue 3, december 2005): this is one of those magazines that are compiled with a lot of love (edited by Peter Schwartz). Terrific poetry throughout, with a tendency towards the surreal, the experimental. Features works by Jerry Bradley, Susan Swartwout, Steven D. Shroeder, Juliet Cook, CL Bledsoe, LB Sedlacek, Daniel Y. Harris, Louis E. Bourgeois, Margo Ruby, Patricia Wellingham-Jones, Consuelo Flores, Robin Mahaney, Gordon Purkis, Terry Quinn, Joseph Farley, Graham Nunn, Charles P. Ries, Kathleen L F Hall, Ojimgba Uko, Lois Marie Harrod, Holly Day, Janine Margiotta, Paul Toppo, Betty Lies, Marian Kaplun Shapiro, Shawn Marie Christenson and that -- hee -- what's-her-name broad with the plantarium.


michi said...

congrats! and thanks for the hint! any idea whether RBR accepts simultaneous / previously published submissions? doesn't say anywhere, or i am blind! :)


Arlene said...

as far as i know and have noticed, all the poems in RBR are unpublished. don't know about sim subs, but you can ask the editor, wt pfefferle. he's very nice and approachable. terrific poet, too ;)


michi said...

thx arlene, i did notice that nothing seemed to be prev. published, i will drop the man a line. :) pfefferle sounds like a name from around my hometown, diminutive "-le" is common there, but also in parts of southern germany and west austria. it means "little pepper", pfefferle. :)

Squamish Writers Group said...

Hey Arlene

Happy New Year to yas. I'd like to invite you to blog a Poem A Day - we're trying to get a chain going. So far two of us. Wanna try it? Here's my linke

I'll put you on the PAD list. No comment requirements but we do try to comment when we can. Crits welcome.