Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Back from the dead (again)...

and trying not to panic at the load of unreplied e-mails in my Inbox. Haven't yet begun reading for the NG erotic supplement... though the submissions are looking nicely stacked.

Pre-NewYear resolutions:

• Finish the AVE poetry book with Valerie
• Hang my dad's mega-sized paintings in the living room
• Wrap up the January issue of the Italian NG on time (hah!)
• Answer most, if not all, the e-mails in my Inbox
• Update my website publication lists and links
• Will not be lazy... will not, will not!
• Will drink green tea to stay awake
• Will not invite the cleaning lady to come on the preconception that I can clean up after myself, my husband, the singing mini-Christmas tree and our dust spiders.

So there!


michi said...

i'm glad you're alright. just busy. like most of us. this is my last free evening until christmas! waaah! if you find the remedy against panicpanicpanic, let me know. take care, and expect my erotica submission some time around christmas! :) xxm

Anonymous said...

glad to have you back in blogland! glad also for safe trip, return, and all that hot&steamy&busy awaiting you!

oh, and all that clean...
pondering sub for this one: don't know if i can pull it off, but am trying. aren't we all??


Arlene said...

yes, yes! don't forget to sub, michi -- forgot to say that in my snailmail card today. last free evening until christmas? just the idea makes me want to crawl under the bed!

thanks, nicole!! and please, please try! if you don't you'll never know, and i would *love* to read more of your poetry.