Friday, August 05, 2005

Mail surprise and new workshop!

I'm doing the happy dance today
because a littly birdy sent me a collection of surrealist poems by C.D Wright, "Steal Away". I mean doesn't reading lines like:

    There are enough signs. Of lack of tenderness in the
    world. And yet. And yet. All you have to do is ask. Anyone
    here can extol the virtues of an onion. Where to get barbecue
    minced, pulled, or chopped. The hour of the day they have
    known the thorn of love.

--from "Deepstep Come Shining"

make your multiple selves go !!!

THANK YOU, Valerie!!!!

Have also joined a new poetry workshop: three candles which focuses on critique and revisions. The fact that everyone comes under their own name is very reassuring. I've really never liked the mask of nicknames many people use in other boards... probably because I haven't got the imagination and flair for inventing a cool one for myself. Teehee. Loser!



Squamish Writers Group said...

Cool Arlene, thanks for the tip. Im following you to 3 Candles - see ya there!


Arlene said...

That's great, Jude! Remember to e-mail or PM Steve after registering. He mentioned checking the memberlist only once a month otherwise.

See ya there!