Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Civ 3 review inspiration

Was reading some Civ 3 strategy guides when I came across this hilarious tidibit at posting it here since it looks like a great diving board for a poem:

    And for some reason, someone thought it would be cool to add the sound of birds chirping to the game. This is honestly probably the most irritating aspect of the game. It's bad enough to hear real birds chirping outside my window because I've been up for 10 hours playing this game. When the game makes chirping sounds it triggers a Pavlovian response in me that makes me feel more tired than I am.

-- Steve Butts

Have finished my revisions for the day and tomorrow will start another double round of poem-a-day challenges at Blueline and ITWS. I *deserve* this afternoon off!!!!

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Rachel Mallino said...

yay! we've missed you.