Sunday, October 14, 2007

[apwn] and alice blue

Finished my 9th round at 30:30 on October 9th and have just started on my 10th.

In-between, more or less in this order —

• A wrote an essay for a charity project, wherein she likened her writing process to playing with Mrs Potato Head.

• A clapped her hands real hard for a total of 33 minutes because the husband finally decided to get a new cheap tv. At last count, their old one only had two channels — the rest was tv snow. A wasn't very pleased. But A doesn't nag, A writes fiction. She made one hero quote his wife: You need to do something about that f**king tv, you said, because the channels are going out one by one like f**king birthday candles.

• A got some kind of UTI and bled for some hours into the toilet bowl (certainly better than outside it) — which is why A is using the third person: pain is more tolerable to write about when you pretend it is someone else's.

• A tried to get a better grip on the novel-writing situation: taking apart mss then putting it together again.

• A spent two whole afternoons talking with her family [via Yahoo messenger] — the mother wasn't feeling so good and had to be put on IV. Things, however, have improved and stabilized.

• A played Emperor until it crashed on her — probably due to an overload of cheat codes. Ahem.

Recent acceptance:

Marginalia — an annual literary review published and edited by the English Department of Western State College in Gunnison, Colorado — accepted my ticklish poem: My SimCity Llama Has a Cold.

I really ought to play SimCity more — it's so, erm, educational and inspiring.

     Submission date: 28 June 2007
     Reply date: 13 October 2007

Recent publications:

[apwn] has published two oldish poems, Bali in Retrospect and Washing of the Feet in their Auto Biography Edition (edited by Ivy Alvarez).

• Issue 7 of alice blue is now online with poetry by Sarah Bartlett, Mark Cunningham, Betsy Fagin, Emily Kendal Frey, Matt McBride, Anne Marie Rooney, Zachary Schomburg, Joshua A Ware and IT (as in, Cousin).


Pris said...

You've been the addition of the tv line into the novel:-)

Liz said...

Arlene, love the line about the birthday candles. : )

Hope you're feeling in tip-top shape again xx

And real glad things have stablised with your mother.

And an enormous ruffian and gleeful shout in the air ( insert gleeful shout )from me for the acceptances and pubs.

And I look on admiringly as I see you in full flow in 30:30 again...great stuff.


Anonymous said...

feel better dear and enjoy blowing those candles... line. ever.

wishing you pain-freedom.