Thursday, June 21, 2007

New Six Little Things issue & Contemporary American Voices

The Summer 2007 issue of Six Little Things is now up with terrific line drawings by Brian Pera (you gotta love that huge fly!) and prose poems by Tania Casselle, Mary DeNardo, Philip Huang, Dan Piepenbring, Sarah Fran Wisby and —erm—

Recent acceptance-that-isn't-really-an-acceptance:

Will be appearing in the February 2008 issue of Contemporary American Voices — under L. Ward Abel, who was kind enough to invite me to appear with him. Thanks also goes to the editor, Lisa Zaran for waiving the rules — since I'm hardly USDA-approved prime beef.

Even though guidelines say the Features are by invitation only, they're also open to unsolicited work. Check 'em out


Liz said...

Arlene, love your piece in Six Brick Press - I tried again this time but didn't cut the mustard even though Bard was very encouraging in the rejection and said my stuff did do bleeps on his radar but didn't fit into the large scheme of the six chosen or words to that effect! : )

Hey and you made it into an Anthology as an honourary American - way to go - a woman of all seasons and nationalities : ))

Anonymous said...

excellent mi americano! 6brix is grand, grand. miss you wordygrrl.