Sunday, May 20, 2007

Press 1 launch and Rattle poem

Am pleased to announce that the first issue of Press 1 is now up — featuring the fantabulous photography of Marisa Dorna-Livet and the mind-blowing poetry/prose of Lydia Cortes, Carol Frith, Stephanie Gray, Bill Kushner, Maurice Oliver, Sean Lovelace, Allan Peterson and Lewis Warsh.

Have to add that I'm particularly proud of the way I got fancy with the Press 1 menu. Probably because it took quite a bit of head-on-the-keyboard banging. It's fancier when you use Explorer (which I —erm— don't). Some DHTML scripts don't work for Firefox. Boo.

And yes, feel free to press that button all you want. Valerie's idea. She mentioned that looking at the button and not being able to press it left her with that dissatisfied sensation of the third kind. Teehee.

We're now accepting submissions for the next issue. Valerie and the others will be the ones reading and making most of the decisions — so, don't be shy.

My first driving poem

is now up in Rattle 26 online: A Driving Student Adjusts the Seat.

Now that we talk of driving. It seems that some new Italian law actually forbids A to drive her husband's BMW. Something to do with horsepower and A being a newbie driver. This is her excuse, anyway. A would rather dig her own grave with a ratty spoon than drive ever again.

A on cloud 9 on a Saturday morning:

Why? Because she has fulfilled one of her lifetime wants: A was allowed to paint walls with rollers. A now plans to convince the sis-in-law to make her paint the niece's room during her next stay in Manila.


michi said...

ah you'd love that, wouldn't you, me submitting to you! ha. dream on, baby, dream on. ;)

i'll have to check out the baby later ... and press buttons. yes.

congrats on rattle, and hey, if you want to paint walls - you are welcome.

m x

Kate Evans said...

Wow, love your edgy poem!

Congrats on getting Press 1 out! I've bookmarked it and look forward to spending some time with it. I recognize a few names on the TOC. :)

Thanks for your compassionate comment on my Saturday blog entry. I responded to it.

best, Kate

sam of the ten thousand things said...

Press 1 is a fabulous issue, Arlene. Wonderful look. Really impressive. I enjoyed the read - especially the works by Oliver and Gray. Congratulations.

Also, congratulations for the poem in Rattle.

Liz said...

Arlene, Press 1 looks like the real Mc Coy - am still in mid-exploring and enjoying it loads ...congrats on having it up and running.

And the Rattle poem I adore, I remember it from your learner driver days - please don't say you've hung up your driving keys - one of those little Smart cars would be ideal for you : ) or maybe a second hand panda (that's what I had to begin with just to get to know the inner workings and to have the freedom to jam it against trees if the need arose - and believe me it did ;))...I still can't imagine driving a BMW, gawd, they're enormous - remember in driving 'small is beautiful' : )


Anonymous said...

p1 is a delight. *presses&presses* just what exactly do i *get* for all this working of the fingers...

*ahem* the rattle pome is a tad steamy... *cue: wiper blades & defrost* but, i'd expect nothing less of a virgin at the wheels...

back to busy beeing, um, pressing...

Sharon Hurlbut said...

What, being an award-winning, ubiquitous poet wasn't enough for you?! Now you have to be publisher extraordinaire too? Well, good for you! It looks absolutely excellent, Arlene. We've all seen too many shoddy, half-assed attempts at ezines - yours looks the real deal, very professional and smooth. I ADORE the button. Yes, I keep pressing it over and over and over. Not sure what I'm hoping will happen. Maybe that food pellets will drop from a secret chute in the ceiling? Congratulations on such a fine journal! Oh, and big congrats on Rattle, too!