Friday, July 15, 2005

Have uploaded the 2004...

publication credits on my site. And also the 1998-2002 ones--which I haven't bothered to link to the poems... which were pretty bad anyway, considering the years. Hee.

Three poems in the Summer issue of Wicked Alice are up:

Crimson Down the Gutter
The End to Summer Shaving
In San Marino with A Man

Jayne Pupek also has a fabulous poem (Forms of Intersession) in this wonderful issue. Love Kristy's cover artwork, too!

Brain not feeling terribly social today... just preoccupied with what to put in the green salad. Woke up quite early today--only 5 hours of sleep. Duh. I must be seriously getting O-L-D. Here are some wise words from Chuck Levenstein who I scolded for looking at pretty ice cream vendors at his AGE:

Age is good. Experience.
Paunch is better. Substantial.
Ellen on her good days thinks I'm adorable.
But where is the ice cream person?

Obviously he doesn't suffer from lactose intolerance. Hee.

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Crispus Litvak said...


1. I have a new book, "Poems of World War III" --

2. Paunch is going! Yay!

Love, Chuck